ASA's Sailing Challenge App Reviews

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Don’t buy it if you have an iPhone X

Can’t quit the app without crashing your phone... they know it. So basically I paid for a defective app and nobody cares

Best sailing app out here

Super easy. Gives loads of info, this app isn’t just a toy

Very good!

I’ve been sailing for over 40 years this is the best learning tool I have ever come across.

App blacks out

The app is a great learning tool, but it keeps shutting down to a black screen.

Returning to Sailing

I haven't been sailing in thirty five years. I am trying to get beck a lot of knowledge that has been lost with time. This app has helped a great deal. I really delighted at the ability of this app to test your knowledge of sailing. Keep up the good work.It mentally and visually challenges you in the different sailing scenarios. Great job, keep up the good work.

Excellent tool for the beginner sailor!

Purchased this app for my wife to learn "points of sail" and to become more comfortable with maneuvering a sailboat and positioning its sails. Provides a good "crawl, walk, run" simulation for new sailors. Also is a good tool for novice sailors to sharpen their skills and for refresher training.


Great way to keep the skills sharp when the workload won't let me sail.

Outstandingly Fun!

Great App.

1st attempt at Sailing consideration

Think I am hooked and ready to go play on the real water!

Fun educational and exasperating

At first it's like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time but you quickly catch on and really groove in some sailing reactions. Fun and helpful to someone learning to sail. Really helps you to visualize various points of sail and their relative efficiency. I would like to see gauges with true and apparent wind speed to help me learn how tweaking the trim will effect those elements and boat speed at various points...that may be overwhelming for a beginner but would help as one learns. I would also like to be able to go back and repeat within modules without having to start all over Regardless, I'm enjoying it very much!

Good introduction to sailing

This is very enjoyable introduction to sailing . Learning the points of sale and trimming the boat come naturally after using this app.

Not only a game, great training

The app give you the opportunity to learn and understand the wind, speed, point-of-sail, maneuvering. Great start for the sailor to be.

Fun challenge

Definitely hits the fundamentals. Excited to see what else gets added. Maybe some celestial navigation?

Great app for beginners

Provides the basics, terms and means of practicing before taking sail to water.

Incredible App

Just simply outstanding!!!!!

Pretty good

I've not yet sailed (for real). I'm looking to get into sailing, and this is a decent "basic" app. Wish there were a way to add a jib & spinnaker so that I can see how trimming more than one sail effects the boat at different wind angles. Maybe a separate choice to sail a catamaran, as I understand there are some noticeable differences.

Using to teach the wife

I think this is a great app to teach the basics of sailing and concepts to beginners.

Very helpful

Great to review all the nautical terms and right of way rules from ASA certification course. When sailing, quick decisions are needed sometimes to avoid other boats or obstacles and this app helps in making the decision second nature. Also going over points of sail names helps so when people at club are talking port beam reaches and starboard close hauls, my newbie self isn't holding my arms out trying to remember points of sale terms.

Great for kids and newbies

Good way to learn terms and basics allowing you to visualize what you'll do on the water.

Great way to learn!

I'm new to the sailing world and this app has been helpful. The recent updates have made it better by adding more features and more options to use.

Set sail with this app!

This app is a great starter for anyone wanting to learn the ins and outs of sailing. Even if all you're doing is watching a sailing event on TV, this app will help you understand what the participants are doing and give you greater appreciation for the sport. The modules are set up well and progressively teach the basics. I have a little trouble with the trim and helm controls, but younger users should do much better than this old fart! I have been sailing for years and can say this app is a great and inexpensive way to get your feet wet and learn whether sailing is for you. Just do it!

Very helpful for a first-timer

I'm planning to sail for the first time in about 2 weeks. Ive spent many years using small motor boats and don't plan to spend several hundred dollars taking classes to learn to sail the $500 used sailboat I bought. I've read lots of information and watched a bunch of videos so I thought I had a grasp on the basics from a technical standpoint. This app actually put my knowledge to the test much better than I expected and while I'm probably still going to struggle a bit, I'm going to be way more prepared after getting some feel for the wind and sail reaction. I might provide an update after I take my maiden voyage if I'm still alive.

Great teaching tool! Worth it

Father of two ages 10 and 12. I haven't sailed in 25 years or so and just got a hold of an old 25' cruising boat. This has been a fun for he boys and taught my 10 year old his points of sail in half an hour. This is a good platform that will hopefully continue to offer more and more features.

Great Training

The combination of sailing a Sunfish (in class), a Soling 1M remote control model, and this app will bring my grandson through the learning curve rapidly. He is 12 years old. The only minor issue is not having a more positive control that you would get with joy sticks.


Excellent app for the beginner as well as the seasoned sailor!

More material, more tests please!

A great review of the skills I learned during my ASA certification. Would love to see an expanded version that would help me keep my skills sharp while being a landlubber.

Great Start, could use more material

Honestly very good with getting to understanding tacking/jibing and points of sail. Would be awesome if they incorporated a section identifying lines (which line does what and how they affect a sail) on the boat and boat anatomy, knots and buoys in channels. Engine parts as well and so on. Great start to the app but incorporating a lot more that's in the books would be amazing and great general knowledge.

Curious about the basics of sailing

I got this app because I was curious about the basic concepts of sailing. This app does a great job of explaining and teaching and it is also very fun. :)

Love Sailing?

Love this app!

I'm obsessed with perfecting my time around the Harbor course!

There is some real value here for beginner sailors. It does a great job reviewing all the basic sailing concepts - practice makes perfect! You'll never get your points of sail confused ever again! For those experienced sailors you can just jump straight to the sailing module. Even though the courses are short there is plenty of opportunity to challenge yourself by minimizing the distance sailed (have you tried going back between the breakwall and the island?), figuring out how to maximize your VMG downwind, perfecting your sail trim, tacks & buoy roundings! If you're a real sailor you'll be looking for perfection and won't put this app down until your time around the Harbor course is well under 2 minutes!!

New to Sailing

I've been trying to understand the basics of sailing. This app is really helpful in learning the rudimentary rules.

Great review, fun practice

Haven't sailed in a while, so glad to find a fun way to refresh my skills and get a sailing mind working again

Great AP for explaining sailing concepts

This AP helps me share what I love about sailing in a more accessible way. Diagrams and classroom style methods work for certain personalities, but a fun game is so much more engaging and universally more effective. Finding the right balance of course to speed in order to reach a destination is part of what makes sailing so much fun. This AP helps to explain through demonstration the art that is the journey and the strategy involved to reach your goals. This game shows new sailors what to look for when they get on a boat. Love it!

Great refresher

This app does a great job of supplementing knowledge of points of sail, docking, and right of way.

Great app! Add a Boat Parts module

Outstanding app! I'll be bareboat chartering in the near future and will have my novice crew review all the modules (including another great app called WhatKnotToDo on knot tying). I suggest adding new modules on Types of Sailboats and Boat Parts (including standing rigging, running rigging, etc.) But this app is well worth the $3.99 just as it is!

It's a Great Fix

When you can't hit the water, nothing will get you right, but this app can at least appease its user.

So fun

I've never sailed before, but the app makes it very intuitive and fun!

Great complement to lessons

I've been taking lessons the past two months and remembered hearing about this app awhile ago. After getting it, I recommended it to my instructor as a great way for other students to become familiar with the fundamentals of sailing prior to and during lessons on the water. I had already read about the points of sail before beginning, but this app would have made it far easier to comprehend and practice beforehand.

Tiller controls reversed

If the steering slider represents the tiller then the controls are reversed. Moving the slider to the right feels like moving the tiller to starboard, so the boat should turn to port. But it turns the other way. Took me a while to get used to this.

Good fun!

Excellent game, very informative and fun

Fun and Informative

I'm going sailing for the first time in a few weeks and I'll update this review after that. But, this app has really taught me a lot in a very short time.

Beginners thoughts

Couple of things, first I'd like to say "thank you!" For making this highly educational and FUN app! I've greatly enjoyed the process of learning the points of sail, tacking and jibing, docking, the laws of giving the proper right of way with other boat traffic, getting the most out of my sails with perfect trimming, what apparent and true wind looks like, as well as the actual sailing challenges! Second, with that being said, might I recommend a larger sailing map? Perhaps a couple of extra islands you sail around/ through? (Hint hint) While I'm enjoying this very much, I've quickly learned and wished for more of a challenge to hone and finesse my new learned skills. Even adding extra open sea area would be fantastic! I tried to sail out into the open to capitalize on trimming and tack/jibing but found the map to small to do that. Third, it would be nice to adjust your visibility while sailing(look around to make sure where your tacking to before turning so you're on time not early or late) And lastly, it'd be really cool to be able to actually practice docking while in the practice sailing module! (Looovvvee you can sink the ship!) Thank you again! P. S. Thanks for adding the area between the front island and marina barricade! Very fun to cruise at 6.8 knts through there! Sincerely, The OakenSailor

Taught a farm boy to sail:)

Modules are in great sequence and offer excellent explanations. The points of sail and apparent wind were so practical and the sailing module is so much fun. In Indiana, sailing is pretty far away. I taught myself a few things at a nearby lake as a kid but this makes sense out of everything I couldn't quite understand at the time. Until I achieve the dream of owning a 40' sloop, this will suffice.

Best sailing app

Fun AND educational, runs smooth, highly recommended!!!


I've been looking for a good sailing practice app and this is totally it....tons of different practice modules in this one app...highly recommended!!

Well done!

Great learning and teaching aid and fun as well!

It is serious and fun

This is a wonderful app. I appreciate the graphics and the opportunity to practice and to think! - not just memorize. I live in an area where getting in the water is difficult and expensive. This helps me feel closer to the water and one day the sails!

Learned to sail with this app

Learned to sail with this app. I teaches the concept of harnessing wind and manipulating it to move you. The game has a free sail mode where you can explore an island and a marina at your leisure. Could be improved by creating boat traffic and perhaps a few islands you can sail to. Also storm conditions would be nice. And AND when ever you doc it your boat sinks. Lol. Cool game though. I like it.

ASA Sailing Challenge

I like the way the game is put together, but every time I try to use the docking module, it crashes. Please fix.

Not a great experience

Will someone from tech support please respond to my request? No ones responded and it's been over a month. There's no volume on this app even though the videos in the App Store slider have volume. Please advise. This isn't a particularly sophisticated app. Very basic for ASA101.

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